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No one, and I mean no one deserves this.

don’t care if your a bieber, hipster, one direction, kardashian, janoskian blog. you all need to watch this and reblog it

this video deserves a billion notes so please stop scrolling, watch and reblog !

This should be on every blog. No one deserves this. I seriously cried, breaks my heart this goes on

If you don’t reblog this, you have no heart. NO ONE should have to go through extreme bullying

Forever reblog

): what the FUCK is wrong with the world. every single one of my followers should reblog this.

This hits so close to home. That boy was only 11 when he took his life. I can’t imagine losing my 11-year-old brother that way. It’s just so awful.

This movie is so touching. every single person has to watch this and reblog this.

i literally can’t watch this without crying.

this . ^

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